The Black Bear EP

by NM Kjeldsen

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Debut EP from NM Kjeldsen


released January 4, 2011

Written, produced, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by NM Kjeldsen



all rights reserved


NM Kjeldsen Indianapolis

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Track Name: Hell & Highwater
Frames on strings
Cans of paint
You are always making things new
Fabric squares
With rips and tears
You are always putting things together

Legs stitched to feet
A pitted peach
You were almost right this time
A one way street
Glorious defeat
I am coming back right on time

I have doubt
That whispers and shouts
That you are never coming back at all
And ever if you do
Well I've got fear, too
That you might just as well forget me

I hear you son
Come hell or highwater I'll come for you
I'll save you yet
Even though you don't deserve shit from me
Track Name: Woolen
I was watching the kids run through the wheat
Bending stalks and skinning knees
I tried my best to catch them all
My goddamn fingers let them fall

You were turning circles in the park
I watched from the swings until it got dark
You came to me and kissed my face
I gave up thinking I'd leave this place
Track Name: George
You soak up the words left inside me
And spit them back out
Sometimes I don't know what they'll be
But I always find out

You dig up the deck when the dirt freezes over at night
And come back to me dripping and filthy
A sight for sore eyes
Track Name: Red & Round
I wonder if this is where I end up
With knees so tightly tucked against my chest
If this is my future then I give up
I've been bled dry - emptied my cup
I don't want to be weak, but enough is enough
Or too much

Thank God I know what it is to be loved and love
I've felt the sun on both of its sides
That sun goes down each night
And I get dark and work alone
To capture the beaming glow inside my chest
Before it has left
Track Name: Methodist Lift
I'm not the river floating by
I can't go as far as it is wide
I'll never be as deep as it is now
Over my head and I'm heading south

Church taught me how to hold a grudge
My brother taught me how to let it go
He learned from his father who learned from our Father
Isn't that the way that this is supposed to go?